Bless all who enter this house. May the worship offered within its walls be
worthy of Your greatness and Your love; that all who seek Your presence
may find it here. For the joy of community, the gift of human diversity, and
the vision of universal harmony, we offer our grateful thanks.
Union Prayer Book Sinai Edition
Got Shabbat?  
Houston Congregation for Reform Judaism (HCRJ) has celebrated
over 50 years of worship as a Classical Reform Jewish temple in
Houston, Texas.  Located in the heart of Houston’s Galleria area,
HCRJ offers an intimate, vibrant, and inclusive Jewish synagogue
with a feeling of warmth and welcoming where Jewish fellowship
may flourish.

Rabbi Steven Gross has nurtured profound spiritual connections and
an engaged community since he began serving our congregation in

Our innovative religious school is based on a curriculum designed to
engage students in dynamic, interactive learning experiences that
teach Jewish history and principles through nature, art, cooking and
other fun, exciting activities. Classes are held on Sunday mornings.

We welcome you at any of our 7:15 p.m. Friday services.
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Take a journey with us on a year-long, congregation-wide program
called Got Shabbat.  Loosely based on the popular campaign “Got Milk,”
got shabbat? seeks to draw attention to the idea that the Sabbath is a
value that nourishes the soul.   The cornerstones of our programming
take place on the third Sabbath of every month.  Each of these special
Sabbaths are listed above.  Save the dates!
got shabbat? goes


Friday, March 21, 7:15 PM

Spend the Sabbath With Us as we
frame our Shabbat SErvice around
the music of Debbie Friedman, Jeff
Klepper, Craig Taubman and many
others who have shaped the
sounds of Shabbat for

As always, our Sabbath prayer
service is open to anyone who
would like to join us in prayer.
got stuff?
HCRJ will be holding a Garage
Sale Extravaganza on May 10,
2014 to raise money for our
Youth Programming.

Monday through Friday 9:00 AM
to 3:00 PM we will be accepting
your donations of “gently used”
furniture, sports equipment,
appliances, electronics,
household items, clothing, shoes
& more.

For more information,
click here.
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Passover Seder